The importance of webhosting
If you want to launch a website yourself, you often have to look for a web hosting service. The choice of the webhosting provider is very important, because they make sure that your website is accessible to search engines such as Google and your visitors. In other words, you can not have a website without web hosting. You may have the idea that it is not so important which web hosting solution you take, but there are several options that can be crucial when starting your own site.


What are the tasks of a web hosting company?
The web hosting company ensures that your website always stays in the air, with as little downtime and failures as possible. They are also responsible for the speed of your website; after all, a good web hosting company has a very fast network, in order to reduce the loading times for the visitors. They also offer you storage space to place your website on the internet, and the more space you order at the webhosting company, the bigger your website can be. There are various packages available where you can choose how much web space and data traffic you need. Often you get free domain names, optimization for search engines, anti-spam programs and various other applications.


The possibilities
As mentioned earlier, in addition to the packages, you also have some options regarding the type of web hosting. There are a number of methods available to host your website:
– Shared hosting
– Virtual servers
– Dedicated servers


Shared hosting
Shared hosting – sometimes called a shared server – is the cheapest method, but also the least extensive. Shared servers are recommended if you want to start a small website, or a modest blog. As the name suggests, you share ‘your’ server with dozens or even hundreds of other websites. This means that your website is not given priority, and the available speed is shared between all sites. Shared servers sound easy to use, but as soon as your website starts to grow you will soon run into these limits and certain complications.


Virtual servers
A second option is to use a virtual server, also known as VPS, which is more focused on personal use. In principle, a virtual server must form the ideal golden mean: the price tag of the shared servers, with the functionality of a dedicated solution. Yet the difference with practice is clear. A virtual server does the same thing as a shared server, with the only difference that the server will automatically deliver more performance if your website is crowded; the speed delivered therefore depends on the amount of visitors. The internal hardware of virtual servers is also more powerful, but everything is still shared with a number of other website administrators.


Dedicated Servers
Do you want the very best for your website with the maximum achievable performance, the fastest loading speeds and absolute reliability, then a dedicated server is undoubtedly the best solution. If you opt for this hosting option, a separate server is put to work only for your website, so the capabilities of the server are not shared with others. Obviously this means that your website is provided with the best reliability and stability. A dedicated server is recommended for both techies and beginners, because you would rather pay a little more for a complete and secure hosting service and the system is also very user friendly. A dedicated server also means that you can place a lot more content on your site, and you can also receive a larger number of visitors.


Which is the best choice for my website?
If you want to send a small website or personal blog to the world, it is best to choose a shared server. However, dedicated servers are clearly the ultimate winners, they offer the most performance, have good reliability and are also very stable. If you have a growing website with ever higher visitors, that does not pose a problem for a dedicated solution, because you enjoy the maximum server power and your website has absolute priority. Yes, you pay a little more for it, but that is completely compensated for thanks to the dozens of unique benefits.

If you’re still unsure on what to choose for your company or website, feel free to contact us. We can deliver solutions based on your situation, hence our name; Servon Solutions.